St. John Educators' Scholarship Fund

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2014 Mother's Day Luncheon

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 The annual St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship Fund was developed to honor educators from St. John Parish and to provide financial assistance as outlined in the stated purpose. These educators were the corner stone of our community who served as Mentors, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, instilling great values in their students and provided them with the necessary tools to go on in life to become very successful, obtaining professions such as Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Chemists, Educators, Nurses and Entrepreneurs and so on, the list is endless without limitation to professions. The scholarship fund was established in 2008 and is funded by people from Grenada, other Caribbean Islands, and the general public and through fund raisers primarily organized by the managing philanthropists.






Stated Purpose of St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship:

The St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship fund is a need-based scholarship that is intended to provide a one-time annual relief for five years in the form of financial assistance to two outstanding, financially challenged students and their families who fit the criteria established below.

The Student’s Responsibility:

1. The student must be a resident of the parish of St. John and would have gained entry into a secondary school based on the results of the common entrance/Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment or school leaving examination of the current year or excellent academic performance at the two levels of a public primary school of St. John with the potential to excel at secondary and post-secondary education

2. The student must submit an application to the Scholarship Administrator Committee with attachments of his/her report card for the last two years of Primary School; financial condition as it presently exists and his/her stated commitment to furthering his/her education. Students can contact their school principal for assistance with the application process.

3. At the discretion of the scholarship administrator Committee both student and his/her parents or guardian may be called upon for a short personal interview to be conducted at a pre-arranged location but in a private setting.

4. The scholarship managing philanthropists are requesting that all scholarship recipients make a commitment to reinvest and contribute to the St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship Fund or personally become involved in the fund to ensure its sustainability beyond the lifetime of its founders.

5. The families of St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship awardees will agree to participate with their children in the Annual Award Ceremony to include photo sessions which might be used in advertisements to secure funding for the scholarship in the future. There will an agreement among the families, teachers, principals and the scholarship administrator committee for the monitoring of the awardees’ academic progress and behavior. Recommendations from the committee can be in the form of counseling or remedial training etc.; however, all recommendations must be positive and in the best interest of the child’s success.

6. The scholarship may be withdrawn if in the opinion of the committee the awardee's behavior and academic performance are not at the required standard or if the awardee is in receipt of another scholarship. Except in extenuating circumstances such as prolong illness with positive prognosis the scholarship will be withdrawn if the student is not promoted. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the scholarship administrator of any additional substantial financial assistance to the family in the form of scholarships or donations.







2012 Akel Smith Concord Government School St. Mark's Secondary School

2012 Shaniah Bernard St. John's Roman Catholic School St. Rose Modern Secondary School

2011 Chad Welsh St. John’s Roman Catholic School St. Rose Modern Secondary School

2011 Samara Phillips Concord Government School Happy Hill Secondary School

2010 Keeshawn Salfarlie St. John’s Roman Catholic School St. Rose Modern Secondary School

2010 Adriel Charles St. John’s Anglican School St. Mark’s Secondary School

2009 Jordon Charles St. John’s Anglican School Presentation Brothers College

2009 Saddie DeCoteau St. John’s Anglican School The Anglican High School

2008 Tylon Joseph St. John’s Anglican School Grenada Boys Secondary School


2008 Jemmie Chetram Concord Government School The Anglican High School




2011 Sherena Scott Grand Roy Government School St. Mark’s Secondary School

2009 Jervon Phillip Grand Roy Government School St. John’s Christian Secondary School

2009 Thomell Piere Grand Roy Government School Happy Hill Secondary School

2008 Rick Brathwaite Grand Roy Government School St. Rose Modern Secondary School



Special thanks to Carnice Alexis Modeste who had an idea of starting a scholarship fund in memory of our very special Primary School Principal and former Boss Mr. E. L. N. Peter which reinforced my need to help children back home and sparked my interest in spearheading this scholarship fund, Collis ‘Tony’ Decoteau for merging his personal scholarship with this one and to Vernon Louison for his support with the idea from the very beginning creating what might undoubtedly be great opportunities for our bright minds who are disadvantaged within our dear Parish. The scholarship philanthropists would like to extend a special thank you to Peter, Lewanda, Casandra and Tony in New York for assisting with our 2012 fundraiser towards our annual budget.

We would especially like to thank everyone who has donated monies since 2008 to present towards St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship Fund and a very special thank you to those who continue to support Carnice and our annual Mother’s Day function in New York which is where the majority of the funding comes from for the scholarship. On behalf of the children and parents in Grenada I would like to extend from the bottom of my heart an appreciation to Carnice for everything she has done to make the scholarship possible. Also to John Crow a special thank you for your work on Caribbean Classroom and this scholarship, with your efforts our community has become richer in many ways.





This application is attached to the original document and can be printed out or downloaded, a sheet of paper can be used to write your short essay.




Applicant’s Name: _________________________________________________


Applicant’s Address: _______________________________________________

Applicant’s Parent or Parents/Guardian Name: __________________________________

Applicant’s Parent or Parents/Guardian Address: ________________________________

Name of Primary School Attended: ___________________________________

Dates Attended Primary School: _____________________________________

Name of Secondary School Accepted to: ______________________________

Please write a one page hand written short essay in your own words to the Scholarship Administrator depicting your commitment to furthering your education and why you should be awarded The St. John Educator’s Scholarship. This can be done on a separate sheet of paper.

The application should include the following documents:

1. Proof of acceptance to a Secondary School.

2. Grades for the last two years of your Primary School education.

3. Financial statements from you and or your parents/guardian, which may include bank statements, checking and savings accounts and or any other financial assets which will be used to substantiate your financial need.

4. The expectation of all applicants is to be completely honest, and that failure to do so would jeopardize their chances of being awarded a scholarship.


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