St. John Educators' Scholarship Fund

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The Administrator/Committee Responsibility:

The Administrator for the “St. John’s Educators’ Scholarship” is 

Ms. Jeanette Du Bois, Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education in Grenada assisted by Mr. Lauriston Hosten and Mr. Arthur G. Hosten. The administrator has the authority to appoint qualified individuals to execute the duties of the administrator. It is the responsibility of the administrator to ensure that all applicants meet the criteria as established above and conduct the selection process in a manner that is fair, equitable and free from any curry favor to any one student. As the administrator’s selection is final, she is expected to exercise some level of prudence in her judgment as she makes her decision but without violating the overriding stated purpose and intent of the scholarship.

She and her committee are duty bound to maintain strict confidentially for the information gained in the application and decision making process and her decision must never be influenced by any form of political partisanship whatsoever. The administrator remains the sole proprietor who is charged with the distribution of funds and is accountable only to the donors and managing philanthropists of the scholarship.

Each child and his/her family are to receive $1,500.00 EC annually for 5 years while attending Secondary School. The money is to be used to assist with the financial burden of maintaining the child’s ability to be worry free so he/she can concentrate on his/her studies. Misuse of the money by parents and guardians would jeopardize the child’s scholarship. The administrator has the authority to withhold any money if abuse is suspected.

The managing philanthropists of St. John's Educator’s Scholarship are Carnice Alexis Modeste, Lewanda Modeste,  Peter Boyke, Maria Boyke, Casandra Modeste, Pauline Marcelle